Introducing Myself!

My name is Wendy and I live in Texas. The city that is credited with the birthplace of the Texas Flag, Montgomery Texas! I am a single mom that is always looking for ways to add variety and to get my picky kid to try new things. While I have not transitioned to totally clean eating, I am trying to! Meals also get stagnant and boring, lets add some variety! I will be trying out new brands and products along the way, some I may earn a commission on as well. I am very excited to be trying the products from The Gourmet Cupboard which is a woman owned and operated company right here in Texas. They prepare and grow the products we will be trying! I will adding polls shortly and would love to get feedback.

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Easy Cooking With Wendy

I am a working single mom. Always looking for new ways to cook an old favorite, for a picky kid no less! Modern times finds us busier than ever. Finding variety AND healthful sources is harder than ever. I will share recipe ideas and tips I find along the way to eat cleaner and stay healthier! Join in if you like!

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